Remote patient monitoring for
mental health

LiefRx's FDA medical device is designed 
to improve your patient's mental health outcomes no matter where they are.


Your patients will feel the difference.

Lief has been used by thousands of patients across the country to alleviate symptoms of chronic mental health issues surrounding stress and anxiety. For your patients on medication, or looking for an alternative, non-pharmacological solution, Lief may be right for them.

Evidence Based Care
See the importance of heart rate variability (HRV) on mental health outcomes from these top-tier, peer-reviewed journals.
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HRV impact on mental health

Heart rate variability biomarkers help assess mental health

See study on anxiety & heart rate variability
See study on depression & heart rate variability
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Biofeedback training & stress reduction

Heart rate variability biofeedback training reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety.

See study on heart rate variability biofeedback training for stress & anxiety
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Psychotherapy + HRV Biofeedback better together

Synergistic effects of psychotherapy with biofeedback.

See study on psychotherapy plus HRV biofeedback for depression


Meet your team

Cost effectively extend your primary care team with dedicated LiefRx behavioral health coaches, telepsychiatrists, and billing specialists.

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Remote Patient Monitoring Reimbursement

LiefRx's billing specialists help ensure the program is cost effective for your clinic and your patients.

See how your patients could benefit

We'll reach out to you with more information on the Lief Program, device and billing options. Let us know how to get in touch.


Listen to the heart
Listen to the heart
Listen to the heart
Listen to the heart
Listen to the heart
Listen to the heart

The wearable for
stress relief

“I no longer take medication for anxiety! A representative from my health insurance asked me… I told her about ..

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